Alva Form by Alvanon Full Body Dress Form, MISSY SIZE 8B, MODEL 2004

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Alva Form by Alvanon Full Body Dress Form

The form is in good conditions. Make your own judgement by looking at the pictures. 

The form has many dots made by markers

Measurements (we try our best when measuring, there could be up to a 1/2” variation) :

Bust: 35 1/2"

Waist: 28 1/2"

Hips: 38 1/2"

Collapsible shoulders 

Measurement lines

Soft belly

Full Form Stand


AlvaForm is the first choice of fit mannequins for the world's largest fashion brands and retail organizations. It is created with the understanding of human anatomy and built with real, physical characteristics derived from your customers and your fit models. We are able to combine research and technology with the hands of artistic sculptors to provide the industry with the most realistic, accurate, and consistent fit mannequins in the world. AlvaForms are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, and are used as the standard tool within apparel brands and retailers to streamline communication between design studios, sample rooms, sourcing offices and factories.


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