Dennison Mark III™ pistol-grip tool 10651- Taggin Gun

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Standard taggin gun
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The MARK IIITM Pistol-Grip Swiftach® Tool features important advancements over the original MARK IITM that are certain to make it the new standard in tag attaching tools. A new ergonomic design featuring a smaller grip provides an easier reach to the tag rest, and an extended handle fits comfortably in the hand. Its many features combine to create a manual tagging tool that offers not only superior performance and reliability but greater worker satisfaction as well. Smoother moving internal mechanism and textured tool contact areas give the trigger an easier squeeze. 

High impact molded plastic body is reinforced at stress points for increased durability. Convenient storage area keeps needle guard handy for safety. 
The new designed feed mechanism allows the use of both 50 and 100-per-clip fasteners smoothly and reliably.


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