FAS 111 CLASS KIT (Pattern Making kit for your pattern / sewing class)

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Fashion 111 - Kit

Single Needle Package/ Machine Feet, Bobbin Cases, Bobbins
C-thru B-85, 2” x 18", 1/8" graphed, C-Thru Beveled Edge Ruler
Organ Needles 16x257, Size 12, Regular Point, 10 pack
Dritz DR57, 50 assorted Hand sewing Needles
Bent 6" Tweezers
Dritz D643, Chalk Wheel
C-Tru B-50, 1” x 6" , 1/8" graphed,Beveled Edge Ruler
Collins C69, 3.5” Seam Ripper
Dritz D838, 5/8" x 60" Lifetime Tape Measure
3 Clear Plastic Envelope (2 pk.)
Dritz D732, Tomato 
Dritz, D634-66, Wax-free Tracing Paper
Dritz D745, Serrrated Tracing Wheel
Gingher G-TIN, 8”, Knife-edge, Bent-handle Dressmaker Shears 
Pro Art 13" Art Box
Iris Brand Pins Blue Tin, - 1 1/4" x .50 Superfine Pins (500 per tin)
Dritz D675-0, White Chalk Pencil
Dritz D675-6, Pink Chalk Pencil
Dritz 675-15, Blue Chalk Pencil
Muslin 5 yard X 63"


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