Lastar DY-9000 fusing machine
Lastar DY-9000 fusing machine

Lastar DY-9000 Fusing Machine 3'

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Fusing machine 36"
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Lastar DY-9000 Press rotary type for duplication and thermal printing Fusing 3'

The rotary press is the most compact and most productive equipment among other duplicating machines, since its duplication zone is not limited in length, and the maximum heating temperature is up to 320C. 
- Electronic adjustment of the temperature, pressure and speed of the belt ensures a uniform and reliable bonding of the backing material fabric. It is possible to mechanically adjust all the duplication parameters. 
- The press system is equipped with sensors to prevent the belt from tilting. 
- A smooth heat-conducting Teflon tape is used, which is easy to clean. 
- Built-in brushes for belt cleaning.

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