Mundial Scissors 870-8 BENT TRIMMER KE CHROME 8"

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Mundial Scissors BENT TRIMMER KE CHROME 8" - 

Knife edge bent. 
Length: 8". Cut: 3-1/2".

The Classic Forged 8" Dressmaker Shears With Safety Sheath is suitable for cutting fabric of varying thickness.

Produce accurate and neat cutting work with the Mundial Dressmaker Scissors. With a carbon steel make, these blades are durable and long-lasting. Having bent, offset handles it will enable you to cut effortlessly without lifting the material off the cutting surface. Featuring a pointed tip, you can easily get rid of any excess thread without affecting the output.

  • Dressmaker shears are ideal for a variety of cutting tasks
  • 8" long body is the length of choice for dressmaker shears and brings down cutting time
  • Bent, offset handles enable consistent cutting without impacting the cutting surface
  • Comes with safety sheath for added safety

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