Needle board Size: 6" x 24" Velvet Wire Board

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Especially Designed to iron velvet, 

 Allows you to iron velvet without flattening the pile

 Needle board Size: 6" x 24"

Velvet likes a steamy atmosphere best of all and should never be pressed unless you have a purpose designed velvet needle board or a piece of plush velvet kept solely for the purpose of pressing other velvets.  A needle board prevents the pile of velvet or velveteen from being crushed.  The needle board is covered in tiny stainless steel crooked pins about 1cm high which can burrow into the velvet pile and retain the pile as is.  T

Don't press on the serged outer edge of your velvet cloth when treating the seams.  This should not happen if your velvet press cloth is large enough to cover the ironing board.


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