Stainless Steel Safety Gloves 3 Fingers - REVERSIBLE

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These metal mesh safety gloves are manufactured to comply with all major international safety standards (UL, CSA, EC, GS). 
These gloves provide an excellent measure of protection against cuts and stab wounds, while allowing maximum flexibility. 
These gloves should be used by anyone cutting textiles, leather, cardboard, plastic and metal. 

 Lightweight, ANSI 316 stainless steel links Adjustable nylon straps with snap fasteners Complies with USDA requirements Instructions, maintenance, cleaning/storage information included.
Glove chainmail: Stainless steel (ANSI 316L) welded rings. External diameter of the rings: 4mm - Wire diameter: 0.5mm. Note: 

Reversible three and five finger gloves can easily be switched from left to right hand by simply turning the glove and fastener inside out.

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