Carmel Super Glid Tailor Chalk
Carmel Super Glid Tailor Chalk

Carmel Super Glide Tailor-Chalk (Crayons) Wax Based

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Super-Glide is super-popular! If you’re looking to create high quality design and pattern/fabric marking, this is the hands-down winner. Carmel’s famous Super Glide Tailor Chalk comes in a large size, making it particularly suitable for easy use for any task. Super-Glide is a standard in the tailored suit industry where its size allows for constant sharpening to a slim profile. Includes 48 pieces per box. 

Easily removable with a hot iron and never leaves a trace! It also has a 1/4" groove that provides a good grip. 
  • Chalk size is 1-1/2" X 1-7/8" X 7/32". 
  • Used for marking clothes for tailoring applications. 
  • Made of wax. 
  • White is removable with hot iron. 

Pretest on sample for best results

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