Simflex Expanding sewing gauge
Simflex Expanding sewing gauge

Simflex Expanding sewing gauge

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Expanding sewing gauge

Quick and easy to use. Simply lay it over your garment and expand it to the desired length for perfectly measured equal distances and accurate spacing from 3/8" to 3 3/8".  Ideal for shirring, smocking, buttons, eyes, drapery pleats, dress pleats, and tucks and gathers. 

  • Measures multiple equal distances. 
  • Use for fast accurate spacing of buttons, buttonholes, hooks, eyes, dress pleats, drapery pleats, tucks, shirring, and smocking. 
  • Measure accurate bias or straight strips for quilting or for use with the Bias Tape Makers. Makes an ideal knitting gauge, too! 
  • Flexible and lightweight; silver finish. Expands to 24".

The SimFlex Expanding Sewing Gauge gives you fast and accurate measuring. Its quick and easy to use. It has unlimited uses. It works in sewing, arts and crafts and even gardening and cake decorating!

Directions: Before using, with one hand on each end, flex the gauge several times.

Lay the SimFlex over your garment (or craft). Expand it to the desired length for perfectly measured, equal distances and accurate spacing. Flex the gauge so that each straight piece is the same desired distance apart at points. Check with a straight ruler and adjust if necessary.

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